Paper kits to download

An advantage of paper models is that all you need to design them is geometry knowledge and drawing instruments (be it pencil and ruler, or a computer). So even a total amateur like me can create their own kits, just for fun. And because it would be waste to stash all the results in just one display case, here you go.

The menu on the left offers the following:

Remark 1: Most file links have the file type denoted, together with the size before and after unpacking (ZIP, 80 kB/10 MB). Zips are packed without directories, which means that command "extract here" will dump a bunch od files directly into the "here".

Remark 2: Unless stated otherwise, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence applies to all kits published here. That means: share and copy without any limitations (crediting the author), don't earn money on it, reuse and modify as you like and publish the results under the same licence.

Happy gluing!