Paper Gallery

Welcome to our website dedicated to all kinds of papercraft. You can find here a large collection of photos and build reports, a library of tips and tutorials, and also some free paper models to download. The site is a collective effort of several authors, you can join us too if you like (no need to know webdesign, just deliver the texts and pictures and I'll take care of the rest).

Last update: 13th April 2023

B@F! The site's admin is a lazy modeler with an average output of one and half models per year. You can find him on the network under his callsign B@F (pronounced like buff or barf) or real name Mirek, or in person at some modeling exhibitions and competitions in the Czech Republic, where he does not compete and tries to bring no more kits to his already overflowing stash. He is to be blamed for all unsigned materials on this web.

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The gallery pages exist in Czech version only and they are probably never going to be translated. Unless enough people start bombing me with requests to do so :-).