Papercraft Gallery

Here you can enjoy photos of our models and learn more details about some of them (how they build and so on). Just use the left side menu to choose whose display case you want to see.

Would you like to join?

If you are a paper modeler too and you'd like to show your photos, but have no place to put them or don't know how to do it, our gallery is at your service. If computers are not your friends and you'd rather have someone to take care of the technical details, or you for some reason don't like automatic web galleries (Picasa, Imageshack etc.) and don't want to create a whole new website, you are at the right place. Just let me know by e-mail or guestbook.

Any details? This website doesn't cost me any money, so I don't want money from you. We have 1 GB of space, so far less than two tenths full. I write the pages manually, so we have no limitations - pretty much anything can be done (including interactive things). Visual style of your gallery is up to you, as long as you stay on white background. It's up to you how much information about yourself or your models you disclose - nothing is required. That's all from me, feel free to ask :-).