Tabletop paper games


Japanese tactical game similar to chess. It differs in piece movement and promotion and mainly by a possibility to return captured pieces into play on your side. Photographed set is hand-painted, the kit looks slightly different.


Logic game for two players. Its principle is similar to the Tic-Tac-Toe, but every piece is different and your opponent selects them for you. The kit contains game pieces and box template.


Tactical game for two players. The goal is to capture the opponent's flag via an army of pieces of varying rank. Higher ranks capture lower ones, but you can't see opponent's ranks until you attack, and then you have to remember what you have seen.

Conquest of space

Card game by Václav Semerád, for which I've drawn a new set of pictures. Nothing interesting from modeler's point of view (just cutting out paper rectangles), but it makes a nice pastime for long train rides or winter evenings.

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