Link collection

There are lots of papercraft-related websites all around the internet, this crossroads only covers a small fraction. If you know some interesting address that's not here, let me know.

Servers and forums

Information servers, discussion boards and other large sites related to paper modeling.

PapírovéModelářství.czProbably the busiest Czech papercraft forum.
Note: there is also a read-only old version with different contents.
PaperModelers.comAmerican papercraft forum, maybe the busiest one in the world. Besides the forum, there's also a gallery, large link list and also some downloadable models for registered users.
Lower Hudson ValleyLarge collection of free paper kits, mostly space and sci-fi. New contributions still keep coming.
KonradusPolish paper modeling forum. Some threads are really mind-blowing.
Minimodel.czLarge and lively website and forum about minimodels in 1/100 scale, mostly vehicles.
papermodel.czInformation web about paper models and related stuff. Mostly dead, but still online and readable.

Personal sites

Smaller modeling sites, photo galleries etc.

Aliens Papercraft
Aliens Papercraft
Three pages by Jan Rükr with a lot of beautiful kits for download - both Aliens and original designs (Astro racers, Robinson complex etc.). The first link is an archive up to year 2009, the second is currently active, the third is all about the famous Sulaco paper kit.
Paper ReplikaLarge (and still growing) number of free paper kits, from simple figures to highly-detailed models of vehicles, planes, weapons, spaceships, robots and so on.
Spida's modelsWeb about Paris-Dakar rally and paper models of trucks from this race. Some kits to download, some to buy.
Cardmodels-RFree models of Russian, Soviet and Ukrainian rockets and spaceships. Both real spacecraft and never-finished projects.
Transport Paper ModelsModels of trams, trains, vehicles and buildings in 00 and H0 scales, suitable for railway sets.
Currell graphicsRalph Currell's page. Contains tutorials for beginners and various models to download, mainly airships and spacecraft.
Paper modelsA site similar to this one, but with more active members and more frequent updates.
Paper archeologyPaper archeology web by Standa Fajkus & Co., dedicated to the history of papercraft.
Super ExpressPhotos of various nice models.
PapermaniaVelda's web. Photos, tips, build reports, interviews, links to free papercraft, e-shop.
MikromodeleHighly-detailed 1/100 micromodels, some of them downloadable.
Papirove-modely.czAutomatic photo gallery. One of the most popular choices among Czech paper modelers.
Papergallery.czAnother automatic gallery. Very similar address, but we are not related in any way except being about paper models :-).
Paper modelsSome photos, tutorials and downloads. Dead site since 2006.

Designers and publishers

Official websites of papercraft publishers, e-shops... simply the commercial sector :-).

Ripper WorksHighly-detailed 1/32 scale vehicles.
PMHTA bit simpler 1/32 vehicles, many of them being firefighter trucks.
FireboxFirefighter vehicles in 1/100 scale. Lots of kits to download, another lots to buy.
Forum teamF1 racing cars.
Also reachable from this F1 web.
GPMLots of models and very wide range of subjects - aircraft, vehicles, ships, buildings etc.
Vystřihovánky.czPapercraft e-shop. Wide selection of kits, tools and accessories.
MIGASMiG's e-shop. Paper kits, laser-cut parts and cardstock.
WDSDesigner of the Minibox series - simple 1/100 vehicles and 1/300 dioramas.
a*cChildren's magazine which also contains paper kits. The web offers instructions and flavor texts.


Non-modeling webs and other things that didn't fit into the previous categories.

EndoraFreehosting server this website resides on.

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