Paper kits


Firefly-class transport spaceship from a sci-fi western of the same name. Ninety-page model over 80 cm long, scale around 1/72. Difficulty level varies from average to total mayhem, depending on whether you are building easy basic version or full "hardcore" variant with interiors, movable engines, openable doors, layered surfaces and electric lighting.

The only completed model I know of was built by betatester Papa Oneal, pictures are at the forum. My quick&dirty prototype can be found in the work in progress section.

LS-7 shuttle

Standard accessory of Firefly ships. Difficulty level varies from easy to average depending on the chosen variant, instructions contain an introduction for total beginners as well. Recommended as a practice before tackling the big ship.

Full version "out of the box" (built and photographed by Sidewinder81777 - thanks):

Enlarged and modified model (built by Mirek the Tuner - thanks):


Thor BMW 1944

Sentry robot from Mars 44 sci-fi comic. It was first planned to be published by abc magazine, but they cancelled the comic in the middle. Then it should have come together with the book edition, but that was dropped too. So this is now the only place to get the model - in full print quality, even with shaded assembly drawings :-). The kit is recommended for experienced modelers only: there are lots of fiddly little bits, edge gluing, trimming parts to fit and similar horrors.

The original (drawn by Honza Jiříček, who had also drawn the comic):

The model with some added details (built and photographed by Armorman - thanks):


Orbit Jet XV-2

Rocketship from Rocky Jones TV series, in around 1/200 scale. The cockpit is my artistic license, the "real" ship had a big viewscreen instead of windows (long before Star Trek).

Built and photographed by Diderick A. den Bakker (thanks!), the smaller white thing in the background is a prototype.

3D star map

Diorama of space within fifteen light years around the Sun. Beta phase - not built yet.

Ford 9000

Cca 1/86 scale, based on a promotional Matchbox toy. My first published kit ever, mostly just a design exercise. Some of the goals were ease of build and good instructions, accuracy was not so important. Instructions are Czech only; if you want more than just pictures, ask for a translation.

Push cart

Tiny model in 1/32 scale based on a real vehicle and recommended for experienced modelers - it's more template than a classic kit. Created for Armageddon Race funny contest as the most feasible means of transport for post-apocalyptic Czech Republic.

Background for the last shot photographed by Miroslav Zajíc - thanks.

Panzer Rally 2009 racer

Another silly creation: a special vehicle for dangerous race on Mars, with nuclear power source and flying detachable crew compartment. The kit is a simplified prototype in 1/100 scale. No real counterpart.

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