Accessories and spare parts

Launch ramp

A stylish stand for model rockets. Exact print scale needs to be determined according to the actual model size.

Built and photographed by Diderick A. den Bakker - thanks.

Klimov VK-1

Simple kit of a famous jet engine from MiG-15 and some other Russian jet planes, in 1/32 scale. The kit is not textured and contains only basic parts as shown on the schematic cross-section below, the photographed specimen was detailed up and painted manually.

Crane accessories

Some new parts for Chriess' LTM-1300 mobile crane in 1/24 scale. Untextured, like the rest of the model.

All-terrain wheels

Diameter of 39 mm, width of 22 mm, round ("inflated") sides and tractoresque treads. For any use, no real counterpart. White version only, the photographed set is painted with tempera colours.

All-terrain tyre tread

For tyres with outer diameter of 60 mm, width of 13 mm and 3D sides. Similar treads can be seen on various lorries, loaders, rollers and other construction vehicles.

Auxiliary tanks

For Jan Rükr's UD4L Cheyenne utility dropship. Intended to replace the rear rocket pods - see photo. Originally created for the Flame Eater firefighter conversion (that's why there are several parts for water guns too), but can be used in another way, for example as fuel tanks for some long range version.

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