Software for modelers

Written in Pascal. First two programs run under DOS and Windows up to XP, pure Windows-based version is separate. Last three come in two versions for both DOS and Windows.

Except the scale calculator, all on-screen texts are in Czech. Translation wouldn't be a problem, but I'm too lazy to do it without someone really wanting it. So tell me if you do.

Cone unfolder (ZIP, 7 kB) - enter dimensions of a cone (normal or truncated) and you get the radii and angle of the unfolded shape. Screenshot.

Cool Wheels (ZIP, 7 kB) - 3D tyre sides quickly and easily. Type in the desired tyre dimensions and it will tell you what to draw to get a nicely "inflated" shape. Screenshot.

Windows-based version of the previous two programs (ZIP, 138 kB) - the same in a neat graphic shell. Created by Ed. Screenshot 1, screenshot 2.

Cylinder cutter (ZIP, 45 kB) - program for unrolling a cylinder sliced by a planar surface under a given angle. Generates a table of point coordinates which you use to draw the part. Screenshot.

Intersector (ZIP, 66 kB) - program for unrolling a cylinder intersected by another cylinder in any relative position. Generates a BMP image which you can directly print, cut out and glue.

Strip roller (ZIP, 23 kB) - tells how long strip of paper is needed to make a cylinder of a given diametre.

Scale calculator (XLS, 19 kB) - Excel table with several useful functions: basic calculations of dimensions, calculation of print scale (and a correction for when the print ends up with different size than we expected), calculations with DPI and determining scale for export vector DWG to bitmap. Fully English. Created in Excel 97. There is a Czech version as well.

AutoCAD line thickness gauge (ZIP, 5 kB) - because lines on the monitor look different than those printed on paper, it is good to print a test page first. This DWG file contains specimens of all available thicknesses from 0.0 to 0.8.

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