Projects in progress


Famous little spaceship from a sci-fi western Firefly. There are surprisingly few models of her. Quantum Mechanix company sells finished replicas and ornaments and is the only subject with a licence to do so. Two plastic kits were independently created by fan modelers, but they couldn't be sold because of copyrights. First free paper kit was drawn by Jorge García Serrato and published on It is a greenish model about 50 cm long, with a lot of fit issues. Laz did some modifications to it, painted two new camos and published the results on None of the two sites has survived, but you can still find copies on the net - try to run the above names through a search engine and you'll surely find something. Second paper kit was created by Armorbimbo and can be found in the download section of It is bigger (intended for wargaming with 1" figures), better shaped and buildable, but very simple, without any textures or details. Third paper model is being designed by yours truly. Current status: untextured kit is finished, now I'm playing with colours.

Progress pics:

GC-706R Vulture

My non-contest contribution to the Astro Racers interplanetary racing craft series. It's a "broom wagon" designed to rescue crashed pilots and scavenge wrecks and debris. Technically it's a modified GC-706 Beaver - industrial shuttle designed to retrieve broken satellites from orbits. Don't look for any real counterpart, it's pure sci-fi :-).

Current status: racing version is finished, all that remains are instructions. Industrial version needs some work on the textures. Both are waiting in the queue, Serenity has priority now.

What's next?

Hard to say. More ideas than time.

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