Two polls have been hanging on the entry page since the very beginning. It's time to close them and summarize the results.

First question was: which publisher's models were your first? How did you start?

By a wide margin, most people from the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia (including me) first met papercraft on the pages of Abc, the "magazine for young technicians and biologists" (sloppy translation, sorry). The magazine is still alive today and continues its introductory role, although it's no longer the only option.

Albatros, whose "3D papercraft" series have been discontinued decades ago, got the second highest number of votes. That means quite a few "veteran" modelers visit this web.

Third place was surprisingly taken by PK graphica. I was expecting Betexa, today's most prolific Czech publisher of papercraft of the very simple to medium class.

Slovak Elektrón+Zenit and the rest of Czech publishers got the lowest numbers. Hard to say if Slovaks were also getting their first experience on the Abc models, or if just fewer of them visit this site.

Quite a large number has accumulated under the last, very vague answer "something from Poland". I guess the cause is more Polish visitors, rather than Czechs fiddling with complex GPM models during their childhood :-).


Second poll asked how much time people spend modeling. The results show that a typical modeler cuts and glues several hours a week, which means about one or two evenings. The numbers decrease on both sides of the midpoint as expected, except of somehow large percent of eager modelers who put all free time into the hobby, up to several hours per day.