If a dog gets into a room where you are building a model, you will never finish it.

Is it true? Let's find out!

It's questionable what is the dog supposed to do. Should he directly inflict an irrepairable damage to the model? Or spoil the modeling mood by his mere presence? Or cast a curse upon the model, so it stays unbuilt for ages, although the dog doesn't show up in the workshop anymore?

When I was building the suspension arms for the vehicle pictured here, a dog (female labrador retriever, to be precise) took a walk around the room. No direct damage, modeling mood stayed on, but then the unfinished model was put on hold. Possibly the dog's curse?

* * *


Workshop cleanup is underway. It's the "flugtag" type: everything not worth keeping flies to trash bin. I mercilessly sort old junk from cabinets, drawers and boxes; finally I get to the display case. What to do with this thing?

Finish the build? Not now, I have several much more interesting builds on my bench. Put back in the display case? No, I need space for those more interesting builds. Give away? Nonsense, who would want such a beast. Trash? Well... why not?

I'm never going to finish this, that's for certain. Dog curse? Maybe. Conclusion:



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