Dry white (PVA) glue can dissolve in liquid one.

Is it true? Let's find out!

To get a glue stain is easy. Let's demonstrate it on a ruler...

The layer has been curing for about two weeks, so it is as dry as possible. The thickness is something around half a milimeter.

...but how to get rid of it? By our new super awesome glue!

Just apply it, cover with something...

And let it work for about two hours. Then we remove the foil:

...polish with dry cloth and...

...the stain is gone! And sorry about the hole...

As you can see on the last picture, the cloth wiped out everything down to the plastic underneath. That means the dry glue really dissolved. So the result is clear:


Does knowing this help us somehow? Well, not much. Just be warned that if you use excessive amounts of glue, nearby joints may come loose again.


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